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Omg,, Heyy guys!, like, I havnt posted for ages it’s becuase I quit Dizzywood and.. yahh. Well.. Dizzywood is like boringgg. Everyone has been quittinn. So oh well. I havnt been on dizzywood for ages hahha. =] well. Anyway, I hope you’se still visit my site.. ;). Thanks for all the comments guyss!
Well hopefully you’se get my post D:

😉 frozti!


New blog!

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Hey everyone!,
Im letting you know that I have made a new site that im going to be updating on about Dizzywood and Club Penguin I have quit this site but ill still be coming on this site to check my comments and stuff. So my NEW site is so who ever visits this site could you plz visit that site! <

Thanks everyone!
~ Icirose

Are you registerd as a Dizzywood citizen?

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Monkey Jam, Kat Club, Cecil Scene….which party is going to take away the votes for Chief Poobah this coming weekend?

If you haven’t already registered, you must! The voting for Chief Poobah is nearing and if you’re not registered, you won’t be able to vote! The registration box can be located in the center of Presto’s Edge, near Election Officiate, Admiral Hawksbill, you can’t miss it. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you speak to all the running candidates to hear their campaign promise, before you decide on who to vote for.

It’s an exciting time for all Dizzywood citizens. With the power in your hands, it is up to each and every one of you to elect the next Poobah. We can already tell it’s going to be a close race. There has been a record number of citizens registering and donating to the party of their choice, rallying their support with posters, hats, and t-shirts of their hopeful candidate.

Make sure your fellow Explorers have registered for the election! And mark it on your calendars folks, this Friday, October 17th, the polls will open for voting!

New events

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Hi everyone.

These are the things you can vote for Celis Scene, Monkey Jam and Kat’s Club.

How To Get The Color Camera

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(The color camera takes coloures simple pictures) Well, some people dont no how to get the colour camera and the fashion camera. So just read below to find out how to get them.

Go to explorers camp near the tent and you will find a chest 
but before you can open it you got to find a key.
The key is in the explorers camp aswell. Its just above the clothing tent.
Click the key once you have it click on the chest and you will have the color camera!
Good Luck! )

~ frozti

Broken Magic

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Im going to tell you how to do the mission “Broken Magic”
Well first click on your mission tab and open the mission, then go to the beach and across from the towels is a branch. After you have found that go to Wildwood Glen and near the river the is a blue orb click on it.
Then you have done the mission!
You are rewarded a Wizard Hat and a Blue Orb.


Find the telescope & Find the honey jar.

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Find the telescope.
Well first you got to find a telescople witch the telescope is in Mages Burrow.
And after you have found that, you have to play a game of memory then have done the mission!
And get rewarded 250 coins!

Find the honey jar.
The honey jar is in wildwood glen the honey jar is in between to trees near the water.  After you have found it you have to play a game of force. Then you have finished the mission! and rewarded 50 coins and a bee suit.


Peices Of The Sky

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Im going to help you to do the “Peices Of The Sky” mission.
Sorry I do not have pictures at the moment but I will add some soon.

1. (Lightning) Jungle.

2. (Green Star) Explorers Camp.

3. (Moon) Garden Gazebo.


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